It is time to take stock of the development of the project in the first month after launch.

1. Statistics for the first month

Visitors - 2382
Unique hosts - 924
Average daily audience - 79
The peak attendance in the day - 188
Page views per day on average - 461
The most visited watch - it's 16-17 and 22-23 Moscow time.

2. Statistics of the Club for the first month

Number of participants - 38
New projects posted - 0
New vacancies - 1
Investment in projects - 2 (600 rub. Rus Federation)

Most of the new visitor comes to us from our sites satellites. This month we managed to achieve publication of articles 2 and 3 of notes with links to our website to third-party resources 5. We will continue to campaign for the promotion of information and search for sites where our publications will be in demand and interest of the audience.