After 18 months of development, a working prototype of the Innovation Factory - Ventures Club is open to all Internet users. Despite the fact that work on the creation of the site continues, most of all the functions already available to end users. At the moment on the site are:

1. System of events monitoring and history of projects and participants

2. The system of publishing articles and news (with translation into foreign languages)

3. Venture Market (instant micro-investments into innovative projects)

4. Project directory (international)

5. Exchange vacancies in innovative projects (International)

6. Complex open system of projects development (International)

7. Discussion system for articles, news and projects

We invite the authors of the projects, professionals and micro-investors for joint development of innovations in the Club!

Simultaneously with the launch of the site starts Venture Public Offering for the project Ventures Club. To be absolutely confident in the quality of services provided, Ventures Club will go al the way from first VPO of prototype to the IPO, using the tools of the Club. I draw your attention to the fact that the purchase bonds of the project Ventures Club - one of the few ways to get the most prestigious status in the club - "Partner". This status gives you a discount on the board of the club with an investment in any projects to be placed in the Club, as well as additional benefits, which will be announced later. Hurry up to take part in the financing of the Club - this opportunity will not always, and the amount of the distributable venture obligation is limited.

In case of problems with the site, please be patient and inform about this fact, either in the project issues, either personally CEO of the project. In the message please insert a link to a page where you have a problem.