It is time to take stock of the first week of the site. In the first week we were visited by 252 people, making a total of 441 visit to the site. Of them dared to register 18. Overall, this is a good result, considering that no advertising campaign to promote the site has not yet performed.

The main event is the first micro-investment on the site and also the first investment in the club, the perfect party Pleshivtsev Alexander, after only 8 days of the launch of the site and publish VPO of Ventures Club. The investment amount is minimal, but the important fact of the beginning of the investment process in our Club with you.

Also, we have an official groups in the social networks VKontakte and FaceBook, where we will be broadcasting the news of the project Ventures Club, as they become available. With the accumulation of new developments, we will publish the news every 1-2 weeks. You successful transactions in the vast of Club!