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Ventures Club makes venture investments massively available and provides a unique opportunity for anyone to become a co-owner of an innovative start-up companies. Service unites entrepreneurs and professionals who create new technologies, as well as all interested persons that wants to increase their capital as investors for the effective development of projects in the early stages.

The chances of startups survival individually are very small, that is why the community association for the exchange of experiences, the audience and the investors in the early stages so reasonable initial step. Less than 1% of all start-ups receive investments to develop and less than 1% of the world population can afford highly profitable venture investments in innovative companies.

For the fastest delivery of of new technology to the market companies needs significant funds. The only possibility for small start-ups to grow into giant corporations is to get investment and implement the project faster and better then potential competitors. Ventures Club is built on the idea of ​​venture capital, but it significantly improves due to new financial and technical tools, adapting to the modern information society, reducing the risks of all stakeholders. As investors can act not only people with high incomes, but any user of the Internet, with almost any income. Club tools suitable for development projects of pre IPO stages: idea, prototype, early growth and expansion. By investing in the project in the early stages of its development, investors get profit on the sale of shares on the later stages of the investment when the value of the company has increased many times.

Site Audience conventionally segmented into entrepreneurs, professionals and investors. To speed up and simplify the process of investing CLUB offers universal terms of the investment agreement (see license agreement). Entrepreneurs will present their achievements in the development of the project using the standard forms CLUB: project description, plan card (to evaluate progress), the list of participants (to assess the contribution), feature articles, news, discussions, and chronicles the development. Investors and experts carefully review all submitted materials and decide to invest or co-operation. Investing is made using their own unique method of Public Venture Offers (VPO), published by the entrepreneurs on the Exchange CLUB. The essence of the proposal is the obligation of the businessman to transfer a certain stake in the future of the company to the investor in exchange for an interest-free loan for the development of the project. These commitments are rising in price in the process of development of the project and can be freely traded on the Stock Exchange CLUB. Technical Club facilities and specialists to enable investors to assess projects not only on the basis of descriptions and spichey authors, but to a greater degree in the real progress made in the project, detailed plans for the development and growth potential.


0. Participation in innovative projects and venture investments become available to anyone in the Internet

1. Regular exchange of experience, audience and investors for startups on an international level

2. A new financial instrument - Venture bond

3. Operational social control of events and progress in innovation projects

4. Significantly increases the number of innovative projects, through the aggregation of development tools in one place, the process standardization and the radical increase the number of investors




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