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First zero-emission electric plane capable of Vertical Take-Off and Landing

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At Lilium, we have invented a completely new aircraft concept for the modern age. While vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) itself is not new – after all, quadcopters, tilt rotors and tilt wings are well-known concepts – we did not want to accept the compromises inherent to these configurations.

Quadcopters excel with their simplicity but are highly inefficient in cruise flight. Transition aircraft can fly three times faster and ten times further with an equally sized battery, but system complexity is usually much higher.

So, the goal was set: defining a transition aircraft concept with better performance in safety, noise, speed, range and payload than existing concepts, while cutting complexity to one third.

We challenged physical limitations, mechanical complexity and energy laws, until we came up with something new and unique. Something simple and efficient.


  • Electrical сonvertoplane
  • Efficient multidrive wing technology
Lilium Jet 5-seater in silver




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